Ecological Sensitivity

The effect of our building interventions on the natural landscape function at various scales: from energy and resource utilization and material selection to habitat creation or disruption - as well as aesthetic composition. In this regard, I am inspired by designs which successfully merge human habitation with mutually beneficial relationships with nature. In this effort, I work with a natural/organic landscaper and a permacultural systems designer in the Chicago area and look for ways the natural world can be integrated into the building.


Efficient Collaboration

I greatly value a team approach to the design process - integrating structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems and consultants from the start. I've worked across these systems and appreciate the efficiencies that can be had when integrated.


Appropriate Quality

I am adaptable to a wide range of design budgets and work to find ways to customize a plan, even if it is simply a brief consultation. The idea, in the end, is to have quality design at an affordable price and a happy inhabitant. I believe there are ways to accomplish this at every scale and I start with an optimistic perspective rather than one of compromises – although as we know, dreams can be quite big and managing them is very much part of the process.


Compositional Significance

I seek for meaning in architecture. Whether it comes from a clients dream, narratives of a place, a geometric composition or a conceptual exploration, the form and the details of the building will be inspired throughout.